YouTube Channel Growth - Unlocking Success on the World's Biggest Video Platform
DEC 14 2002

You can invest in popular sites such as TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as your own site. But the best place to promote your brand is probably YouTube, where one billion hours of video are watched each day.

Did you know that YouTube currently has 2.6 billion monthly active users and is expected to reach almost 3 billion by the year 2025?

Given all this, it's natural to ask, "How am I supposed to grow my YouTube channel to attract more visitors and generate revenue for my business?"

Well, let’s just say we've got the answer you're looking for.

Here, you’ll learn a few simple but effective tips on how to grow your YouTube channel. From keyword research to knowing YouTube's key performance indicators and keeping track of relevant metrics, we’ll show you the eight tactics you need to boost your YouTube channel growth.

Tapping Into YouTube’s Potential - Why YouTube?

Why is YouTube such a great platform for generating leads for your online business, views for your website, and sales for your products?

Since 2005, the YouTube app has steadily improved and has now become a valuable source of knowledge and entertainment for users. With 95% of 18- to 29-year-olds saying they use YouTube, this social platform is among the most popular services for young people as well.

The COVID-19 quarantine led to an even larger expansion of YouTube's user base.

Moreover, YouTube channels earning five figures per year increased by more than 50% from the previous year, while the number of channels with one million subscribers or more increased by over 65%.

As part of the Google family, YouTube is also in the SEO and PPC business, making it a great place to implement your existing SEO and PPC strategies. Therefore, a well-developed and active channel on YouTube can quickly serve as your main source of traffic and sales (should you consistently work on growing it.)

Plus, by regularly posting videos – which may include live streaming – it becomes easier for you to build a relationship with your audience, encouraging them to purchase something, become subscribers, or check out your website.

Are you looking for ways to increase your YouTube subscribers and grow your channel? You're in the right place, so keep reading.

You can also take the shortcut and skip to learning the only reliable method for YouTube channel growth - partnering with a YouTube channel management company.

8 Strategies for YouTube Channel Growth

Well done! Your Youtube channel has gone live, and now you want to grow it.

Ranking videos on YouTube might seem like a waste of time at first. It seems that only the most prominent celebrities and content creators are able to thrive on the platform.

That's simply not true.

YouTube is a free platform that has enabled millions of people to launch channels with the goal of turning their channels into profitable businesses. There are many creators who have become successful, but if you want to follow suit, you'll need to develop a customized YouTube strategy.

Below, you'll find 8 YouTube channel strategies to help you grow your channel, but don't feel you have to implement them all at once. The chances of getting more subscribers and a better ranking just by trying a few of these are pretty high.

Aiming for The Right Keywords

YouTube is a search engine (just like Google), and it is among the most popular ones on the internet. If Google cares about keywords, YouTube does, too, so look for relevant keywords that can help you rank.

Choosing your keyword is important before you create your video content since it helps you create the most relevant content for that topic. You will also be more likely to remember to mention your keyword naturally in your content, which will allow YouTube to recognize it in closed captions.

The first step is to use a keyword research tool such as (or have a marketing team do your keyword research for you) to find search phrases that have a promising search volume.

The next step is to estimate its competition using a tool like TubeBuddy. Here again, you're looking for a keyword that strikes the right balance between low competition and high search volume.

Pay attention to both YouTube and Google keywords because if your video ranks high on both search engines, you'll be sweetly rewarded.

Engage Your Audience With Relevant Videos

Regardless of the type of content you produce, you should make sure it aligns with your audience's needs. After all, your viewers' engagement ultimately depends on it.

When analyzing YouTube videos, viewer interaction is measured by likes, dislikes, comments, and shares, similar to other social media channels. In other words, you can see the emotional impact your videos have on your viewers through their reactions.

Publishing topics your audience enjoys and encouraging them to comment and share your content is an excellent way to expand your channel and boost engagement. In addition, you can post content related to your audience's hobbies or turn to Quora and answer popular questions.

Whether you're building a blog or shooting a video, it's essential to know your audience's preferences, age group, profession, and hobbies.

You should also interact with your subscribers on a regular basis if you want to succeed as a creator. So don't be afraid to dream big, let your imagination soar, come up with fresh new content ideas, and stay in touch between uploads.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Title & Thumbnail

Your video thumbnail is perhaps the most click-attracting part of your entire YouTube channel. You will be able to catch the attention of visitors right away when they see your videos on the homepage or in the search results.

YouTube's search algorithm considers your video's click-through rate as a ranking factor, especially in the first hour of its release. So, an eye-catching thumbnail can mean the difference between ranking number one in a search and not ranking at all.

There is no doubt that your channel and title are influential as well - but every user will first glance at your thumbnail.

The moment your thumbnail has hooked a viewer, it’s up to your title to pique their interest and convince them to click. You should consider your thumbnail and title together as a kind of one-two punch intended to attract viewers.

The trick to creating compelling titles is to grab your audience's attention without misleading them with too much information, too many keywords, or clickbaits. Ultimately, people want entertaining content, so they need to know what the video is about right from the very beginning.

You can easily think of titles for your videos by taking one subject and coming up with several related themes. Using this method, you can discuss your channel’s main topic (or just one you are focused on), then, every week, discuss and analyze its different aspects. Try it, and you will spend less time researching and more time producing your content.

According to YouTube video title research, 60 to 70 characters is the ideal length for titles. But services such as CoSchedule’s headline tool suggest 55 characters for a compelling headline.

Be Consistent with Video Quality

Depending on the quality of your videos, your YouTube channel growth process may be facilitated or hindered.

If you want to build your YouTube channel and generate leads through your content, you should make HD videos using high-quality cameras and other reliable gear. Although, don’t forget that your final video quality goes beyond how good your video looks.

In fact, factors such as the video's purpose, its layout, and even its duration make a big difference in its success and performance.

If you are serious about producing YouTube content, we strongly suggest that you establish your content type and schedule early on and maintain it throughout the production process.

In order for your channel to grow, it is important to find out what video types your audience likes to watch. This will also help you decide if the niche you’ve chosen is something you want to pursue. For instance, you can find niches like time management, healthy living, and cooking, which don't require you to face the camera.

But if you do choose to show up on your videos, keep doing it in your next videos to maintain consistency.

SEO-Optimize Your Channel

If you invest a lot of time and effort into creating YouTube videos, then you want to make sure they're watched. Although this won't grow your channel subscribers immediately, SEO will help you build a solid foundation for your channel and help you rank higher on YouTube and Google Search results.

Once you have identified the keywords you want to target, you can begin optimizing your channel. YouTube is a video platform, so there isn't much room for keyword-rich content. Because of this, your profile, titles, descriptions, and tags are all valuable assets.

You will need to complete your data fields and be sure to add keywords where they are needed. Each video should also be tagged with popular keywords related to the topic, categorized, and subtitled with an SRT file.

Monitor Audience Retention

YouTube's Audience Retention rates indicate the average percentage of viewers who watch the videos.

As an example, imagine that you have just published a 20-minute video. When people watch your video for an average of ten minutes, you have a 50% Audience Retention rate.

YouTube prioritizes content with a high audience retention rate in search results and Suggested Videos because it means more viewers will watch these videos through to the end.

The watch time report combines all sources of viewer data to provide an in-depth analysis of viewer retention. It reveals the most interesting parts of your videos, possibly a good topic for your next video, as well as parts of your videos that are skipped.

You can use the YouTube audience retention report to plan your future YouTube marketing strategy as well. If you want to increase your audience retention rate within the platform, try some of the following strategies.

Monitor Watch Time

YouTube's number one goal is to keep people on the site. Obviously, YouTube makes more money from advertisements the more time people spend on the site.

Total watch time refers to the overall amount of time people spend watching your video on YouTube. The YouTube team has acknowledged that Watch Time is an important component of its search and discovery features.

By keeping track of the watch time of each video, you can identify videos that are generating the most engagement, detect uninteresting content, and pinpoint video segments that lose viewer interest.

You can also go by the textbook and implement some of the following strategies to grow your total watch time on the platform.

Using YouTube Analytics to Your Advantage

You may have many questions as you try to build a YouTube channel.

Is your video content popular with your audience? Are you getting tons of views on your channel? What is the source of those viewers?

Analyze your video and channel performance using YouTube Studio statistics and reports to learn more about what works and what doesn't. Analyzing your YouTube data is easier with the different tabs available within YouTube analytics.

In the Overview tab, you can see a summary of your videos and the channel's performance. Using the key metrics card, you can see your views, watch time, subscribers, and potential revenue (if you're part of the YouTube Partner Plan).

You can also check the number in comparison to the previous quarter under each metric, which allows you to determine whether there has been growth or decline.

The Traffic Sources Report is another report you need to pay attention to. Using this tool, you can see which sites and YouTube pages viewers found your content on.

Knowing how many people are searching directly on YouTube, selecting Suggested Videos from thumbnails, or clicking on social media links is one way to determine whether your optimization and marketing strategies are working or not.

Using these statistics and figures, you can start searching for patterns within your most successful posts. On the other hand, videos with lower retention might show a correlation too.

Is There A Guaranteed Way To Boost YouTube Channel Growth?

By now, you've probably realized there's more than one way to make your videos stand out. Your YouTube channel can be a great place to create valuable content, gain more subscribers, reach a wider audience, and engage them for longer-term retention, but only if you use the right strategies.

Essentially, the “right” strategies are nothing but data-driven and tailored approaches to increasing your chances for YouTube channel growth. A YouTube channel agency with relevant experience and knowledge will boost your brand's visibility by creating higher-quality content, increased engagement, and better targeting.

Driver Studio’s YouTube Channel Management Agency - Building your YouTube Channel from The Ground Up

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Our company invests heavily in delivering value and enhancing the social media experience of our clients.

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Make a Difference - Drive Your Brand Forward

With YouTube's reputation as the second-largest search engine in the world, it is not that hard to find your people and generate engagement - provided you know what you're doing and are familiar with video creation basics.

From choosing the right keywords and optimizing your channel for SEO rankings to using YouTube analytics tools, you can employ a variety of strategies for your YouTube channel growth.

More than anything else, interacting with your subscribers will help you build stronger relationships with subscribers, ones that are likely to last. “Liking” a comment doesn't take long, nor does pinning your favorite comment to add a personal touch.

YouTube is a glamorous platform, so it's easy to fall for its appeal. YouTube “superstars” make it look so easy to grow a channel that people often forget how challenging the process can be.

Remember, the thing about continuous growth is that it starts slowly, then it picks up speed. So even if you don't see your channel growing as you want it to, do not give up. keep uploading, and with the right help, you’ll soon reach heights you could only dream of.