Breaking Down the Year's Best & Worst Fashion & Clothing Ads for Teens
MAY 12 2023

It is probably safe to say that teens are the most fashion-conscious individuals on earth. Whether on billboards or in social media feeds, fashion and clothing advertisements influence their purchasing decisions, shape their perception of beauty, and affect their self-esteem.

As childhood melts into teenage years and the young grow more independent and self-aware, clothes and beauty products turn into a major form of self-expression for them. Fashion brands that try to resonate with this customer group need to understand their desire for authenticity, individuality, empowerment, and connection.

For this reason, we’re going to take a closer look at the best and worst fashion and clothing ads of the year and see what it was that made them tick (or not). 

Getting Value From Clothing Ads For Teens 

Clothing ads are essential marketing tools for fashion brands looking to appeal to young consumers. In fact, Gen Z is strongly influenced by digital ads and finds fashion inspiration in them. 

At young ages, fashion is a means of expressing oneself and discovering styles. Furthermore, research indicates that teenagers translate their perceptions into real fashion statements and reflect the same in their personal lives. 

Oftentimes, clothing advertisements feature real-life teen models wearing the brand's clothing in everyday situations. Additionally, clothing ads for teens frequently make use of limited-edition collections or collaborations with celebrities and influencers to build excitement. 

It is not uncommon for brands to work with teen influencers to promote their products through sponsored videos and posts. Often, these influencers offer discount codes or other incentives to encourage their followers to purchase these products.

When teens relate to the ad or imagine themselves wearing the clothes, they find them more appealing, making them more likely to recall the ad later on. Consequently, they feel compelled to purchase these items before they sell out or become outdated.

It is no secret that younger generations are on the constant lookout for the hottest fashion trends and are often drawn to advertisements that use bold colors and trendy styles. Through marketing campaigns like these, teenagers keep up with the latest fashion trends and styles, encouraging them to try out new looks.

Fashion ads targeting teens are also increasingly appearing on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Teenagers are now more exposed to clothing ads than ever thanks to influential media and an overly provocative clothing market. Perhaps making an example of how (not) to advertise to them might help you with your next clothing ad for teens.

Best Clothing Ads for Teens in 2022

Media landscapes are dominated by clothing and fashion ads. Navigating through all of the different options and trends available can be quite confusing and overwhelming at times.

There are, however, some clothing ads that stand out above the rest, conveying powerful messages of confidence, individuality, and self-expression for youth. Here are some of the most impressive clothing ads for teens in 2022.

Zara ‘Spring/Summer’ Collection 

The ‘Spring/Summer Collection’ from Zara is a colorful and daring line of clothes that perfectly represents the spirit of the time. The ad highlights the vibrant colors and patterns that characterize this season's trends while showcasing the collection's essential pieces in a beautifully shot video. 

This ad stands out for its attention to detail. Each piece is special, from the delicate embroidery on a white top to the ruffled sleeves on a yellow dress. Whether you're a classic fan or looking for a trendy statement piece, this campaign satisfies all preferences.

In terms of production value, the advertisement is nothing short of remarkable. A dreamy, almost otherworldly ambiance is created by the use of natural lighting, gorgeous scenery, and professional pictures, which combined together capture the carefree attitude of summer.

Teenagers love the company's dedication to remaining original and current in the rapidly evolving world of fashion. The collection's versatility, attention to detail, and dedication to ethical fashion practices are all on display in this visual feast. 

Prada ‘Eternal Gold’ Campaign

In 2022, the Prada X Maya Hawke collaboration was the talk of the fashion industry. A striking new ad for their 2022 jewelry collection was created by the renowned Italian luxury brand in collaboration with rising actress Maya Hawke.

Prada's design is flawlessly complemented by Maya Hawke's easygoing manner, creating a campaign that is both contemporary and classic. With Eternal Gold, Prada has launched its first-ever fine jewelry offering. The design of the jewelry and its campaign stands for a planet without sacrificing its purity and beauty at the expense of its demise. 

What really sets this campaign apart is the unique energy that Maya Hawke brings to each image. Her individuality and confidence shine through, making her the perfect ambassador for Prada's vision of modern sophistication.

The campaign's innovation and creativity serve as a reminder that fashion is not just about clothes and accessories, but also about identity and self-expression, which is admired by the youth audience. 

Valentino ‘Pink PP Fall/Winter’ Campaign

In the past couple of years, Valentino and Zendaya became a team that hasn't yet stopped capturing the attention of the fashion world. Zendaya, the renowned actress and model, worked with the giant Italian luxury brand to design a breathtaking new campaign for their Fall/Winter 2022 line.

With her Valentino Pink PP Fall/Winter 2022 campaign, Zendaya contributed to the popularity of pink this year. Using the vibrant rosy hue from top to bottom, Michael Bailey-Gates captured some stunning shots of the brand ambassador.

The distinctive energy that Zendaya brings to each photograph distinguishes this partnership as something exceptional. Her natural beauty and carefree style are the ideal complement to Valentino's design language, creating a campaign that is at once fresh and classic.

The way Zendaya expresses herself is unapologetic and authentic. Numerous teenagers have been inspired by her effortless style and unique personality to embrace their own individuality.

Balenciaga ‘Fall/Winter’ Collection

Bella Hadid stars in the new campaign for Balenciaga's Fall/Winter 2022 collection, one of the world's best-known luxury brands. Several pieces from the collection are featured in the campaign, including Crush, Crocs Bag, as well as the XX, Hourglass, Everyday Tote, and Le Cagole in new styles and contexts.

In the first installment of the series, British artist Nadia Lee Cohen photographed Bella Hadid, Aya Nakamura, Kit Butler, and other models. A seamless backdrop complements their stances, which are reminiscent of early 1990s advertisements. 

For teenagers, this collaboration combines high fashion with contemporary culture. While younger audiences are attracted to Hadid's influence as a top model and trendsetter, Balenciaga's reputation for innovation and originality resonates with their desire for something exciting and special.

Prada ‘Paradoxe’ Campaign

Prada Paradoxe has become one of the most popular fragrances since it was launched in 2022. In addition to its fame for luxury clothing and accessories, Prada has established itself as a leader in the perfume industry.

One person who has added to the hype around the Prada Paradoxe fragrance is none other than Emma Watson. The British actress, best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, has been an ambassador for Prada in their new campaign. 

Younger audiences, particularly those who follow fashion trends and celebrity culture, were positively impacted by the marketing campaign. Its unique blend of floral and fruity notes combined with its sleek packaging and branding set it apart from other fragrances marketed to teenagers.

The scent is considered to be sophisticated and mature by many teenagers, making it a suitable choice for special occasions or events. Emma Watson's association with the fragrance adds further appeal to the product, as she is well known for her activism and advocacy work, which resonates with many young people today.

Gucci's ‘Love Parade’ Campaign

The "Love Parade" campaign from Gucci for 2022 is a celebration of individuality, inclusivity, and variety. A brilliant representation of the brand's eccentricity and artistic flair, Gucci's ‘Love Parade’ campaign captured the essence of the brand's Spring/Summer 2022 campaigns. Creative director Alessandro Michele presented his vision for the season in a series of images and a fashion film.

The campaign was shot by renowned photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, who has collaborated with Gucci on several occasions. The images feature many popular celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Beanie Feldstein, Jared Leto, Jungjae Lee, and many other talents in colorful and bold outfits, set against unconventional backdrops.

A vibrant procession of models wearing Gucci clothing and other items, each exhibiting their individual style and character, appears in this clothing ad for teens. The young generation was particularly impressed by this campaign's message of inclusion and positivity.

Diesel ‘Library’ Campaign

The Diesel ‘Library’ Summer/Spring 2022 ad campaign is a bold and innovative move by the fashion brand to highlight the launch of Diesel Library.  Glen Martens, the renowned director, has created yet another exceptional campaign through his unique vision.

Unlike Diesel's traditional focus on edgy, rebellious fashion, this campaign features a variety of creative images featuring Aron Piper, Toni Braxton, and other models.

With its visually stunning design and sophisticated messaging, the ad appeals to a higher-end consumer than Diesel typically targets. Diesel clothing ad for teens is an outstanding example of an innovative and effective marketing strategy. It combines high-end fashion with a vibrant and lively atmosphere to attract younger consumers and makes you wonder what else is being marketed to the youth in the tech space.

Loewe ‘Paula's Ibiza’ Campaign

A tribute to the stunning designs of the iconic Ibiza boutique, Loewe's ‘Paula's Ibiza’ Spring campaign is a celebration of the beauty of the island. The campaign features vibrant and colorful images taken by Gray Sorrenti and styled by Benjamin Bruno. 

Akito Mizutani, Ascrime, and others were photographed in several places on the island, from beaches to rocky cliffs to colorful markets. This campaign is characterized by its bold colors and patterns. Bright pinks, yellows, blues, and greens are featured throughout the collection which adds to the overall feeling of joy and energy that emanates from the images.

The campaign's vibrant and playful aesthetic, as well as its association with the iconic Balearic island of Ibiza, attract teenagers. The collection features a range of colorful and breezy clothing and accessories that appeal to younger consumers, particularly those who are interested in fashion trends that help express their unique sense of style.

Lanvin ‘Paris’ Campaign

Lanvin Paris, the iconic French fashion house, released a stunning clothing ad for teens in Spring/Summer 2022. Featuring Naomi Campbell & Evan Garcia in the stunning collection of bold and innovative designs, this campaign perfectly captures the essence of Lanvin's signature style. 

Blending classic elegance with modern flair, the Spring/Summer 2022 ad celebrates all the unique features of the designs, with each piece carefully crafted to create a special and eye-catching look.

A testament to Lanvin Paris' commitment to innovation and creativity, the SS22 campaign is sure to delight youth. Those who appreciate classy, statement-making fashion will appreciate the collection's thoughtful design and beautifully crafted pieces.

Worst Clothing Ads for Teens

In 2022, fashion not only had its share of controversy but also became a hot topic. The marketing campaigns of many brands have faced criticism, ranging from cultural sensitivity to body shaming. 


Balenciaga is a luxury fashion brand that has been responsible for some of the most controversial design choices and campaigns in the last few years (and that’s why this brand gets a whole section for itself.)

That said, Kering, who owns Balenciaga as well as other giant labels including Gucci and Saint Laurent increased the controversy around this brand even more. In 2022, public disapproval reached a new level as a result of the launch of two new campaigns.

Although these campaigns were not merely clothing ads for teens, they affected the publicity of the brand significantly. The allegations of child exploitation against Balenciaga caused a ruckus on Fox News and all over the internet. This debate has exhibited the most overt mingling of internet culture, politics, fashion, and conspiracy theories to date.

Balenciaga ‘Gift Shop’ Campaign

In November of last year, Balenciaga unveiled their ‘Gift Shop’ ad campaign, which featured young children holding teddy bears while dressed in or surrounded by bondage items.

Photographed by Gabriele Galimberti, documentary photographer, these portraits were taken back in October. Six kids were depicted in his images clutching demolished teddy bear handbags, which were initially revealed at the company's Paris spring 2023 catwalk show.

Balenciaga and its creative director, Demna, were accused of condoning child abuse shortly after the release of the images. The hashtag #cancelBalenciaga trended across Twitter and TikTok, and many critics accused the brand of condoning pedophilia.

Balenciaga ‘Grade-Rope’ Campaign

A few months before the Gift Shop campaign, Nicole Kidman, Isabelle Huppert, and Bella Hadid starred in yet another controversial Balenciaga campaign, the Garde-Robe.

In one image, a $3,000 Balenciaga x Adidas Hourglass handbag is displayed alongside a printout of the Supreme Court's U.S. v. Williams decision from 2008. In the mentioned case, it was determined whether laws banning the ‘pandering’ of child pornography violated the First Amendment right to free expression.

As a part of their clothing ads for teens, these two scandals damage the appearance of Balenciaga notably. Youth customers, who have always been a considerable percentage of buyers and followers of this brand, also showed their disapproval and outrage by participating in hashtag trends. 

Schiaparelli's Spring 2023

“NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN MAKING THIS LOOK.” Schiaparelli declared underneath his runway designs that featured HUGE animal heads. At Schiaparelli's Spring 2023 Haute Couture Kylie Jenner made a quite controversial presentation while giving a preview of the series of artificially severed animal heads.

The pieces, created by the designers out of hand-sculpted foam, resin, wool, and silk faux fur, were meant to accentuate the beauty of nature. However, not many did get the reference. In reality, it missed its primary objective, and contrary, it seemed to glamorize poaching and glorify mysterious methods that hurt endangered animal species.

Unfortunately, it seems like Schiaparelli is not yet familiar with youth awareness. When one chooses to include a lion head in their design, they should be prepared for the criticism that will inevitably come from the public and the press.

That said, we should point out that this was not a part of their clothing ads for teens. Yet, it contributed significantly to the brand's fame and publicity in the previous year.

Final Thoughts on Clothing Ads for Teens

The purpose of all brands’ clothing ads for teens is to capture the attention of a younger demographic that seeks to express their individuality through fashion and clothing. By including relatable models, exciting collections, and strategic social media marketing, fashion brands can successfully attract and retain this valuable market segment.

On top of that, creating successful fashion campaigns requires capturing the essence of a brand, relating to the target audience, and ultimately learning the fundamentals of creating effective youth ads

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